About Us



Established in April 1993, and owned since by Eli Armon.

Fields of Activity:

 * Building planning
 * Town building
 * Interior design
 * Preparation of programs

Office Team:         

* 7 Architects
* Software support
* Financial director
* Secretary


* 9   2006-2012 AutoCAD stations
* 2   Town Building Plan stations
* 2 3D Studio Max station
* Printers: Twain HP 650C and Twain Epson 3000, 4 color laser printers.

Town Building Dept.:

* Approved  until today , 30 programs at total scope of app. 5,810,000 m2,
in overall planned area of app. 17,620 dunams.
* In planning , 22 programs at total scope of app. 6,497,000 m2 at overall area of app. 12,360 dunams.

Architecture Dept.:

* Built and populated structures of app. 175,000 m2 in total.
* Structures of approximate scope of app. 116,000 m2 are in various stages of planning and execution.

National Tenders:

* The company plans for planning and planning management services for the Israeli Land Authority.
* The company plans for detailed preliminary/statutory planning services and supervision of passenger stations and train compounds for  
Israel Railways.
* Planning of standard residence buildings for soldiers, for the Ministry of Defense.
Program Writing  * Updating of passenger station programs for Israel Railways.
* "Derech Erech", the Center for Imparting the Heritage of the (Military) Officers,
in cooperation with Esther Levinson.
* ICL Company laboratories planning.
* ICL Company offices planning.

Green Construction:

* Maklef  House Building , The first green renovated structure in the Negev.
* Assimilation of green construction principles in train station planning program.
Authorized Supplier:

* Ministry of Defense
* Public Works Authority (M.A.Z.)
* Mifal Hapayis (Israel's State Lottery)
* National Prison Service
* Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment

Standards Association:

* Quality control ISO 9001-2000 quality control
Stamps & Authorizations * Execution Programs  Execution programs for buildings and
environmental development works; Building architecture Israeli 
Standard 1547, part 2.
* Coaching office no. 35179, registered in the book of engineers and architects of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Employment.