Student Competition for Receipt of a Scholarship In Memory Of Miriam and Moshe Armon
for Projects in the Realms of Architecture and Interior Design

A. The aims of the Scholarship Grants:
To encourage excellence and the quality of the architectural profession from the authorized schools of architecture and interior design in Israel and around the world. At the same time, to enhance relations and mutual inspiration of architectural projects created in the periphery or architects who reside in the periphery of the State of Israel with the professional community in Israel and the world.

B. The Scholarship ceremony date has not yet been set.

C. Note of the event will be made public separately.

D. The definition of periphery for the purpose of these Regulations: every place of residence outside the limits of Gedera to Hadera. In addition, residents of Judea and Samaria and residents of the Jerusalem region will be entitled to submit their proposals.

E. The Scholarship Sums:
The sum of all the scholarships shall be 30,000 NIS which will be awarded annually to architectural projects and architecture students from Israel and abroad that meet the following criteria:
F. Scholarship Entitlement
  1. Any student or group of students studying at Architectural study organizations in Israel or abroad are entitled to submit their application for the scholarship

  2. The application will include the following details:  specification of the reasons for submitting the scholarship application (up to 3 pages) and the candidate’s CV

  3. t is possible to submit letters of recommendation (no more than 2)

  4. A condition for receiving the scholarship is presence at the scholarship ceremony

G. Submission Guidelines

  1. Submission of up to two A3 sheets in landscape format on 5mm. kappa board. The submission will include:
    Visual information (photos, plans, cross cuts, details) which make it possible for the viewer to understand the planning and design, as well as a verbal description of the plan, its functions and aims, and an explanation detailing the design contribution (can be attached on a separate page)

  2. Student information at the back of the format in large legible writing – which notes the name of the student, address, email, telephone number. In addition a CD copy of the submission format shall be attached

  3. Signature on the release form and approval of the regulations as Appendix A

  4. The applications, the release form and the approval shall be submitted to the offices of Armon Architectures Ltd., at Yehuda Hanachtom St. 4, Beer Sheba 842409 no later than 01.09.16

  5. Questions can be sent the email address of no later than 14.08.16

The Jury Members:
  • The panel of judges will be composed of industry leaders and will be determined each year
I. Judging Procedure:
  1. A member of the jury will not be placed in a position of conflict of interest in judging proposals submitted for the scholarship, and will not judge scholarship candidates for by students who worked under his instruction during the same year he serves as a judge

  2. Should there be any doubt regarding conflict of interest in judging proposals submitted, the jury member will resign or bring the matter to the knowledge of the competition committee which will decide regarding his office in the jury

  3. The jury will make its decisions by a majority vote

  4. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be contested for any reason

  5. The Fund in Memory of Miriam and Moshe Armon will inform the public of the names of the award winners and the scholarship ceremony in the Israeli and International professional press, and will also be entitled to publish the participating projects and winners in any way it chooses

  6. The Fund managers will be entitled to amend or change these regulations as necessary