“Derekh Erekh – Through Values”
The Education Center of the IDF Officer’s Heritage

Scope of building: 7,000 sq. m., Client: The Rashi Foundation, Status: planning stage

The site for Officer Leadership Heritage Instruction is an educational compound located in the Negev, adjacent to the IDF Training Base 1 Officer School. The purpose of the site is to instill an educational experience for Jewish diaspora youth, the general public, and Israeli tourism. 

The complex will constitute a glimpse into the IDF at its finest, a well of values upon which the State of Israel is based. It and will operate as a lively, vibrant attraction, not as a museum or monument, but as an active educational center whose vibrancy it draws from its proximity to the IDF Officer School, being an active, integral part of it. The site will serve as a springboard for regional growth and development for the preservation of David Ben-Gurion’s heritage, to fortify the bond and affinity between the Israel nation and the Negev.