באר שבע


1,400 m²


Be’er Sheva, Municipality

Setup time:



In use


The final image was abundantly clear in advance: the screen rises and the well is revealed.
We situated the experiential hall on the second floor, on a level that provides each viewer with an uninterrupted view of the well to which you ride up in the time capsule. The descent is through a series of ramps to the yard. The biblical “Go for yourself” that God bade Abraham dictated walking without the use of escalators or elevators, referencing the desert with the sand stone, the wooden bannister and the staff of the wanderer.
The new visitor center is home to advance technologies through which experiential content id delivered. An impressive audio-visual installation and a 3D video surrounding the visitors make it possible for the visitors to connect and become part of the experience.
The biblical well symbolizes the traditional epoch of the Beer Sheba valley as an essential source of water for the permanent and transit residents of the area, and through the ages became the symbol for life, unity and collegiality between the desert dwellers.
Alongside the educational and experiential aspects, the new center creates a dialogue concerning values, belief and history that is common to most people of the world

באר אברהם בפנים
באר אברהם כניסה
באר אברהם מבט צדדי
באר אברהם מבפנים
באר אברהם מרכז מבקרים
באר אברהם סיור
באר אברהם תכנון