Makif Omer High School


8,500 m²


Omer, local council

Completion Date:



In use



“Draw me the school that appears in your dreams.” I asked the students of the third grade elementary school in Omer. The child Itay brought the discovery to light for me in a naïve drawing in a small square. He drew the classroom in the upper right corner, and all the rest was a football field. The school is a meeting point. “When do you get to school?” I asked the students of the Omer High School upon coming to plan their school. “When I meet my friends waiting for me at the school gate” said one of the girls. The study halls are the formal meeting places. Real life takes place in the yard where the girls and boys meet, loves flourish and friendships are formed. We planned the study halls around the yard.


Makif Omer High School

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