Locomotives Coming: The New Gush Dan Railway Line is Revealed

Another prominent feature of the Wolfson station is the glass prow, clearly visible from the Ayalon highway and also dominant in the view from the platforms (Photo: Amit Herman)

Dream Architects: Eli Armon

The architect, who also serves as chairman of the Public Relations Committee of the Independent Architects Association, connects spirit with matter in functional buildings with conceptual meaning.

Is a Building a Story?

"If Architecture is a Language, a Building is its Story" is the new book by architect Eliezer Armon.

Fifth Platform to be Added to Be'er Sheva Central Train Station

Architect Eli Armon, who designed the station and oversaw the expansion project, says: "Expanding the station is evidence that the vision of growing the periphery is being realized, and the city itself is becoming a metropolis."

Book Week 2016: Israeli Architecture Books Continue to Believe in Print

The readership is not large and book prices are not high, but Israeli architecture is flourishing on paper. Michael Jacobson presents the annual yield arriving for Book Week.

"The Burning Bush": The Man Who Designed the Unique Synagogue at the Officer's Academy

The concrete flames enveloping the "Burning Bush" synagogue stand out to visitors of Bahad 1. On the occasion of the publication of a photo album book about the unique structure, architect Eliezer Armon discusses his diverse sources of inspiration: martial arts, Kabbalah, and the Negev landscapes.