Transportation Hubs

"Go forth" God commanded Abraham, and since then we have been in physical and intellectual wanderings. Movement is our expertise. So far we have planned five train stations, countless mass transit complexes, and we are currently commissioned with planning Tel Aviv's M2 Metro line.

Public Buildings

Each building for us is like a person – unique. We have had the great privilege of designing buildings for public use, and we strive for them to be not only functional, but unforgettable – becoming familiar landmarks for their users.

Urban Planning

A city is like a family, therefore every neighborhood we design is treated like a new child being born to the city. Like a child to its parents, the new neighborhood should resemble the city and bring it pride.

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אם אדריכלות היא שפה בנין הוא סיפור

If architecture is a language, a building is its story.
The firm was established in 1992 by architect Eli Armon after completing his role as City Engineer of Be'er Sheva. In its thirty years of activity, the firm has developed expertise in three areas – transportation and mass transit complexes, public buildings, and urban planning. Armon Architects is among the leading designers of railway stations in Israel. In addition to planning the Tel Aviv M2 Metro line and its 24 stations, Armon has also designed the Be'er Sheva Center, Lehavim, Wolfson, Ben Gurion Airport Rail Link, and Ben Gurion Airport Upper Rail Link stations. Armon's public buildings are characterized by a unique appearance that stands out in the urban landscape. Among the most prominent are the "Burning Bush" Synagogue at Bahad 1, Yad Sarah in Be'er Sheva, the Ministry of Agriculture Gilat Farm, the Be'er Avraham Visitor Center, and the Sanhedrin Museum in Yavne. Armon specializes in large-scale urban planning, having designed neighborhoods encompassing tens of thousands of housing units and millions of square meters of employment, commercial, and industrial areas in Ashkelon, Netivot, Yeruham, Dimona, Rishon LeZion, Mazkeret Batya, Kiryat Gat, Kiryat Ekron, Mitzpe Ramon, and Beit Shemesh. In some cases, their plans have doubled the size of cities. The firm currently employs dozens of architects and engineers operating from Be'er Sheva and working on projects across the country.

""In every building I design there is one central space that contains the whole story. There I concentrate all the power, like a martial artist centering and focusing all his body's energy
into a single point" Eli'ezer Armon

Armon By the Numbers

אייקון פרויקטים
אייקון שנות תכנון ויצירה
Years of Planning and Creation
אייקון יחידות דיור
K 0
Housing Units for Urban Building Plans
אייקון מסחר ותעשייה
M 0
Sq. Meters of Industrial and Employment Areas
אייקון תחנות מטרו
Metro Line Stations
אייקון מתחמי תחבורה
Transportation Complexes
אייקון גשרים
אייקון מבני ציבור
Public Buildings: Religion, Culture, Education, Leisure, Security, and Transportation

Seal of Reliability

Armon Architects bears the premium Reliability Seal of Dun & Bradstreet, awarded only to the most stable and reliable businesses in Israel's economy.

Office Team

אלי ארמון
Eli Armon
Architect, Owner
אסף ארמון
Asaf Armon
Architect, Head of Building Design Department
מיכאל יניב
Michael Yaniv
Architect, Head of Urban Design Department

Our Firm Offers

אייקון אדריכלים ומבנים

Architects and Buildings

אייקון מחלקת הדמיות ואנימציות

Rendering and Animation Department

אייקון כתיבת פרוגרמות

Program Writing

אייקון עיצוב פנים

Interior Design

אייקון תכנון בנין עיר

Urban Building Plan (TABA)

אייקון תכנון תשתיות לאומיות

National Infrastructure Planning

אייקון ניהול תכנון

Design Management

אייקון התחדשות עירונית

Urban Renewal

Our Clients

לוגו קרן ארמון

The Moshe and Miriam Armon Memorial Fund was established in 2014 by Hillel and Eli Armon, in memory of their parents. The fund set itself the goal of encouraging architecture students from the periphery who are working for the benefit of their communities. Over the years of its activity, the fund has awarded dozens of study scholarships to students and grants to promote martial arts, and continues to do so annually

For details on applying to the fund for an architecture scholarship, please click here.


Architecture Films Produced by the Firm

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Eli Armon - More Than Just an Architect

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If Architecture is a Language, a Building is its Story

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Armon Transportation

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Cycles of an architect