Celebrating 30 Years of Armon Architects and Urban Planners

אירוע ציון 30 שנה לפעילות משרד ארמון אדריכלים ומתכנני ערים

To mark three decades of creation and achievement, the staff of Armon Architects and Urban Planners held an impressive event at Latrun. The event included opening remarks by Planning Administration CEO Mr. Rafi Elmaliach, awarding scholarships from the Moshe and Miriam Armon Memorial Fund led by the Fund's jury chair, Ministry of Construction and Housing […]

Armon Architects Team Building Tour January 2023

טיול גיבוש משרד ארמון ינואר 2023

A team building tour with the Armon Architects staff, the quiet engine behind the work, led by Benny, Architect Asaf Armon. We kicked off the tour yesterday in Ashkelon's Wine City neighborhood, then a Tel Aviv tour following recycling artists, and finished with dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. The next morning we started at the […]

Farewell Event for Architect Benny Sabdosh

אירוע פרידה מאדריכל בני סבדוש

Architect Benny Savadosh accompanied Eli Armon from the founding of Armon Architects in 1993, serving for many years as the firm's Chief Architect. After about 29 years in the role, Benny retired and the office held a farewell party with suitable gifts for a man so beloved by all.

Back to the Renovated and Upgraded Office!

חוזרים למשרד המשופץ והמשודרג!

After three months in a temporary office, the Armon Architects team returns to the original office on Yehuda Hanachtom St. following thorough renovations. More space, more furnishings, and of course a much nicer dining room! With a new team and invested office, Armon Architects is ready for future challenges.