North-Eastern Dimona neighborhood (Phase I)



991,408 sqm


Israel Land Authority

Approval Date:






The neighborhood is located in the northeastern part of the city of Dimona as an extension located north of the Dimona stream. An area with high scenic qualities. The area is characterized by deep wadis and steep slopes up to 30%. In the eastern extension to road No. 21, the construction is concentrated on the crest of the ridge, in order to minimize the damage to the extensions and not to damage the landscape values, due to the limitations of development and topography. All the construction in this area is saturated construction and garden apartments with private gardens. On the western side of Highway 21, the topographical conditions are milder, and therefore there are also detached buildings on plots with an area of about 500 square meters. Total amount of units in the neighborhood 1,241 of which 1,157 are in saturated construction (of which 383 units with attached gardens) 84 units of detached construction and 310 small units of the total number of units.

מבט על
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