Southern neighborhood of Yeruham



732,964 sqm


Yeruham Local Council

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Yeruham Local Council

The neighborhood is located at the southern part of Yeruham and next to Nahal Shualim in the south. The intention of Yeruham's outline plan is to increase the settlement's population from approximately 8,000 to 20,000 by creating a compact desert settlement characterized by foot traffic and by means of bicycle paths. Mooving I'r Habahadim to the south creates an opportunity to attract a population of a high socio-economic level to the settlement while providing a response to a neighborhood with a high quality of life characterized by high-quality construction on plots of your own size between 500-700 square meters per lot and in staggered construction of up to 4 floors in the direction of the main street crossing the neighborhood. 20% of the number of units in saturated construction in buildings of up to 4 floors are allocated to "small apartments" - apartments with an area of up to 100 square meters, a total of 200 units out of the total number of units in the neighborhood. The uniqueness of the new neighborhood is its location adjacent to Nahal Shoalim to the south and the fact that one of the channels of the stream creates a central park that runs along the central axis of the neighborhood and thus creates a green connection of pedestrian and bicycle paths, while emphasizing the issue of shading and protective vegetation. The neighborhood contains 910 dwelling units of which: 322 dwelling units are detached, 198 units in semi-detached construction (garden apartments on the ground floor), and 390 units in semi-detached construction. In addition, 108 "special housing" units will be built so that the total number of units in the neighborhood will reach 1,018 units.

Program Number:

26/ 03/ 127

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On the right - a southern neighborhood and on the left - Complex 113