• Ministry of Agriculture Building, Gilat Farm, “The kernel sprouting from the ground”
  • The Synagogue at the Officers School, Mitzpe Ramon, “The Burning Bush”
  • The Wolfson Train Station, Holon, “Wants to be an airplane”
  • The Lehavim – Rahat Train Station, “Flames in the Desert”
  • The Eilat Train Station
  • The Air Port Train Station
  • The Al Zahara School, Lod, “on a flower carpet”
  • The Senior Citizen Center and Daycare Center, Meitar, “Infinity”
    The Beer Avraham Visitor Center, Beer Sheba “Go for yourself”
    The Yad Sara House, Beer Sheba, “the Break and the Message”
    The Train Center, Beer Sheba Center, “The well, the tree and the bridge”
    The Public Works House (National Transport and Infrastructure Company), Beer Sheba “the scale before the camp”
    The Ramot Sportive Community Center”, Beer Sheba, “the whole world is a stage”
    The Culture, Youth and Sports Center in the 11th Neighborhood, Beer Sheba, “Disassembling and Reassembling”
  • OMER
    The Omer High School, “surrounding the yard”
    The Sports Hall, Omer High School, “the Wing”.
    The Omer Culture Center, “When the front makes music”
    Employment Area Ramle – Gezer – Lod
    Dimona – North East Neighborhood
    Beer Sheba – Neve Zeev
    Netivot – Neve Noy
    Maalot Tarshicha – Givaat Taas
    Dimona – HaShachar Neighborhood
    Ashkelon – Ir Hayayin (Wine City)
    The Dead Sea – Southern Vaporization Pools